Screw tightening work using robot vision iVY system

By using the iVY system, the screwing operation using a SCARA robot, and high functionality.

  • Various conditions can be handled by adding the iVY system’s position detection function.For example, the robot can be easily incorporated in cases such as when the screw hole positions are inconsistent, the workpiece position on the conveyor is not consistent, or when multiple types of workpieces are supplied.
  • The iVY system can be calibrated with simple operations. The teaching process can be reduced, so the system startup time can be shortened and labor costs can be reduced, etc.
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Pick & place operation using iVY system

Realizing high-functional part pick & place process with iVY system

  • By adding the position detection function with the iVY system, the parts can be accurately grasped even on soft pallets or low precision pallets.
  • This is effective in reducing the pallet manufacturing costs, and reducing the system costs with a simplified positioning mechanism.
  • Each controller is equipped with two camera input channels.
  • The camera can either be mounted in the robot or fixed outside the robot. In either condition, the camera can be used with simple calibration work.
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Sealing compensation using iVY system

Sealing work to attach gaskets or adhesive, etc., to parts
Application path compensation by iVY system

  • The iVY system compensation function has been added to the Cartesian robot sealing process.
  • Even if the workpiece is deviated from the true position, the iVY system detects the deviation and inclination, and automatically compensates the application path.
  • High application accuracy is maintained even when the part’s positioning accuracy is low.
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Small part palletizing

Assemble a sorting pallet for the automated machine in the next process.

Loading parts into assembler machine

Loads unsorted parts or components into automated equipment.

Part assembler