Clean SCARA robots YK-XGC/XC Type

Un modello SCARA robot applicabile nelle camere bianche.
The Z-axis spline is covered by bellows made of less dust emission materials and other sliding parts are completely sealed.
Harnesses are also completely built-in and the inside of the robot is sucked from the rear of the base to prevent dust emission.

Lunghezza braccio: 180 – 1000 mm
Carico massimo: 20 Kg
Aria aspirata: 30 to 60 N?min
Grado di pulizia: Class IS03, Class10*



Specifiche tecniche

ModelTypeArm Length (mm)Max Payload (Kg)Standard cycle time (sec)Details
YK180XCTiny18010.42 PDF
YK220XCTiny22010.45 PDF
YK250XGCSmall25040.57 PDF
YK250XCHSmall25030.54 PDF
YK350XGCSmall35040.57 PDF
YK350XCHSmall35030.54 PDF
YK400XGCSmall40040.57 PDF
YK400XCHSmall40030.66 PDF
YK500XCMedium500100.53 PDF
YK500XGLCMedium50040.74 PDF
YK600XCMedium600100.56 PDF
YK600XGLCMedium60040.74 PDF
YK700XCMedium700200.57 PDF
YK800XCMedium800200.57 PDF
YK1000XCMedium1000200.60 PDF

Grado di pulizia: classe 10 (0.1 μm) equivalente alla FED-STD – 209 D (classe ISO3 ISO14644-1).
* Per 1cf (base 0.1 μm), quando viene utilizzata la ventola di aspirazione.