Caratteristiche e vantaggi della Serie YP-X

numero-1High speed

High speed pick & place operation contributes largely to higher productivity.

YP220BX under operation conditions of 50mm in vertical direction, 150mm in longitudinal direction, 50 in arch volume and 1kg load can achieve a total cycle time or .45 seconds. Since it is possible to output a signal to turn ON/OFF any external equipment from any position while the axis is moving, the actual production cycle time is further reduced.

numero-2Compact size

With a width of 109mm in width (YP220BX), it is possible to make the production line small and simple. The moving arm structure with less interference area in periphery contributes to saving space.

Reference example of comparison of robot layouts
Comparison of space occupied by the YP-X series to the small-sized Cartesian robot and SCARA robot allows you to realize the compactness of the YP-X series when they are installed on an assembly line.

numero-3High precision

Both extremely high-speed performance and high precision of +/-0.02mm (YP320X, YP320XR, YP330X, YP340X) are assured.

numero-4General use

Due to YAMAHA’s unique servo system, stop point setting and operation pattern can be programmed easily. Compared with cam type robot, this compact size provides outstanding applicability to production of multiple number of items in a small area.

numero-5Complete absolute position system

The complete absolute position system is standard, eliminating the need for origin return operation.

numero-6Fully assorted line-up

Full line-up of 6 models in all from 2 axes type to 4 axes type selectable use purpose.