Robot controllers per la Serie YK-X

Riepilogo delle specifiche tecniche

 RCX240 / RCX240S*RCX 340
CategoriaRobot controller
Metodo operativoProgramming, Remote command,
Operation using RS-232C communication
Main power supplySingle phase 200 to 230V AC +/-10% max (50/60Hz)
Control power supply
Nr. assi controllabili4 Assi max
(8 assi)
4 Robots max
(16 assi)
Metodo ricerca origineAssoluto / Incrementale / Semi-assoluto
Max nr. programmi100
Max nr. passi per programma9999
I/O Dedicate10 punti / 11 punti8 punti / 9 punti
I/O Generali112 punti / 72 punti *****96 punti / 64 punti *****
Marchio CE
Programming boxRPB / RPB-E (with enable switch)PBX / PBX-E (with enable switch)
Support software (per PC)VIP+RCX-Studio Pro

*** Escluso modello YK400XR
**** Maximum number of general-purpose I/O points when a total of two option boards OP.1 and OP.2 (one each) are installed.
***** Maximum number of general-purpose I/O points when option OP.DIO boards (4 boards) are installed.

Modalità operative dei controllers

Point trace: Host device specifies a binary point number and robot moves to the specified point when a start signal is input. Controller does not need a program and operates just by teaching point data.

Remote command: Controller issues a wide range of commands and data to the robot via CC-Link or DeviceNetTM word functions. Host device can freely use robot controller functions as needed.

Pulse train: Controller operates robot by pulse train from positioner unit. Controller needs no programs or point data. Pulse train operation is convenient to allow the host device to concentrate on robot control.

Online instructions: PC can send various commands and data directly to the robot controller via RS232C or Ethernet and receive status information and data.