Asyril, sistemi di alimentazione flessibile

Un sistema di alimentazione flessibile e ad alta velocità che combina l’alimentatore di pezzi Asyril “Asycube”, robot SCARA e sistema di visione.

Dopo che l’alimentatore di parti ha distribuito le parti in modo ottimale, il sistema di visione RCXiVY2+ riconosce una parte e il robot SCARA YK400XE esegue l’operazione di prelievo e posizionamento.

Guarda il video!

Video Yamaha Asyril

Caratteristiche e vantaggi

  • Easy control with plug-in software
    No complicated program descriptions are needed.
    Asycube can be controlled easily from YAHAMA controller “RCX340” or “RCX320” by simply loading the program library.
  • Easy connection with LAN cable
    Connection is made easily by setting some parameters and simply connecting an Ethernet cable.
    Multiple Asycube feeders can also be connected via the switching hub.
  • High speed process with vision system RCXiVY2+
    Images are processed at a high speed by the controller integrated vision system RCXiVY2+ to recognize the type and position of a part on the platform.
  • Direct assembly with gripping deviation correction
    The gripping deviation is corrected during pick & place operation by adding an upward camera to ensure highly precise mounting.
  • Improvement of productivity with non-stop vision correction function
    With the non-stop vision correction function of the controller, images are captured without stopping the robot above camera to correct parts positions.
    The productivity can be improved up to 20% when compared to that when the camera is stopped above parts.
  • Supporting all SCARA robots and Cartesian robots
    All YAMAHA SCARA robots and YAMAHA Cartesian robots are supported.*
    * The models that cannot be connected to the “RCX320” or “RCX340” controller are excluded
  • No PLC required
    Vision and parts feeder controlled directly by RCX340.